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'I’m a singer-songwriter, first and foremost. I’m in love with words, the interplay of sounds and the way lyrics can be interpreted by so many people in so many different ways. I’m constantly inspired by nature, by my daily walks and time spent in my parents’ garden. My friends would also say I’m constantly inspired by my relationships, heartbreaks, and the general angst that comes with being 23 years old and figuring out how to communicate more effectively and navigate this whacky, whacky world. Ah, well. I suppose I’d describe my vibe as queer heartbreak thinly veiled with nature metaphors, all intertwined with acoustic folk and an indie edge.'

- ella ruby for VOYAGE LA
'I’m still very much in the stage of exploring my own sound and style. At the same time, I think the magic of music is that we, as individuals, are unique instruments: no matter the influence, our specific physicality, life experience, maturity, etc. make our sound exquisitely our own.'


 'There’s this grounded quality of clay that I think lends an earthiness to my songs, and to my songwriting process as a whole. I approach songwriting as if I’m sculpting, almost, like my voice is an instrument guiding the sound and shape of my words in the same way that my fingers and palms guide the direction of my ceramic pieces. Saying that sounds backwards, in a way – you’d think that it might go the other way around. But I like the lack of control that I consciously have over both of those processes – my body knows a lot more than my brain (even though it’s hard to remember that sometimes!).'

- ella ruby for ROCK AND ROAMER

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